How Generosity and Facing Failure is Good for Business

In improv comedy, every moment a performer steps on stage is an opportunity for an epic failure.  What this does is strengthen the ability of embrace failure, create value and thicken the skin.  And guess what? It works in reverse.  When you allow yourself to fail, and instead focus on making your scene partners look good, you create magic from selflessness.. Bringing that trust and fearlessness to work is a rare asset. Read more:

Here’s How Improv Can Make Your Business Better

Improv Training: A Rung on the Ladder to a Successful Law Career

Say what? You may believe improv training would be the pretty far down on an attorney’s to do list. Accepting offers, resisting blocking and building conversations, all improv essentials, can actually assist lawyers in being open to new career paths, much less within the realms of their existing clientele. Read more:

Can an Improv Class Really Help Your Law Career?

“No” Is A Showstopper

Ever had an idea shot down without a thought? You know what I mean.  Say it with me “That’s the way we’ve alwayyyys done it”.  Well, we can’t prove the way we’ve always done it is the greatest until we explore other ideas that are thrown out on the table.  One simple phrase encapsulates this: “Yes, And”. Companies like Life Is Good discovered the phrase and improv workshops helped them adapt to the changes of employee shuffling and relocation, creating benefit from fresh new ideas. Read more:

Companies like Life is Good use Improv to Boost Collaboration and Creativity

Work with Humans? Teamwork, Communication and Deep Listening Make Improv Great for Business

Think of all the things you do at work: Talk to other people? Check. Have collaborative meetings? Check.  Presentations? Check.  Listen, Respond, Repeat? Check, check, check! Companies from three-person startups to global empires are quickly learning that all of our human assets – acceptance, vulnerability, expression are essential to thriving businesses and improv can help. Read more:

Why Improv Training is Great Business Training

Improv Sharpens Intuition, an Entrepreneur’s Best Friend

Entrepreneurs must be innovative as a rule.  The whole idea of starting something new requires flexibility and intuition.  Improvisation sharpens that intuition in front of an audience, as you discover what people find humorous and you’re making it up on the fly.  These intuition skills can invaluable when transferred to the business world, where quick decision making requires the discipline of quick thinking.  Just ask Dollar Shave Club Founder Michael Dubin, who credits improv for much of his success. Read more:

How Improv Helped a Dollar Shave Club Founder Sell his Start-Up for $1 Billion

Laughing + Happy People = Productive Employees

While it may seem sensible to separate the worlds of business and comedy, many companies are proving just the opposite: laughter makes sense.  Fear of judgment is a top cause for tension and fear at the workplace, and many companies are learning that creating a “safe zone” for imagination and humor leads to increased productivity and retention.  Read more:

No Joke: Why the Business World is Embracing Improv Comedy