The Held2gether award-winning troupe is available for customized private performances. We’ll create a show just for your group or organization. Try our popular Improvised Musicals, Soap Operas or Long Form Clap-In shows. We can also create a new customized show specifically for your crowd. We’ll get to know all about your unique group, giving your show a special, one-of-a-kind style.

Improvised Musical

You choose the name of the musical that highlights your organization.  We’ll learn all about you, then dramatically belt into song using your suggestions for  titles and topics. Your teammates will never forgot these new classic song & dance numbers!

Soap Opera

Your organization is the backdrop for a twisty, turny set of scandalous events.  We’ll incorporate inside details we get from you, plus confessions and even made up commercials written by your audience members!

Long Form Clap-In

In this fast-paced format, it all starts with three separate storylines based on suggestions from you.  Watch as these storylines spin off into past and future events and new characters – eventually building into a hysterical 40-minute crescendo of chaos.

Short Form

We’ll introduce a variety of games for your hour-long event.  We’ll incorporate your suggestions for each 3-5 minute game, and can even bring some of your group up to participate on stage with us!


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Growth and Prosperity

The impact of Darren Held’s corporate improv training goes beyond building both bridges and morale among staff.  It extends over and above finding ways to connect with our guests.  Time and again, participants report that  they have learned new skills for life.  I wish we had started with Darren sooner!

” I worked with Darren and Held2gether for about six months on various projects for my company. They worked with our entire company during an annual training and were the highlight of the whole event. We were so impressed, we partnered with them on developing curriculum that will become part of our basic training program.

” Since bringing Darren’s Held2gether team onboard our teams have gained new insights into working together. Team members now connect better with each other, have improved their listening skills, and have learned to support each other in various situations.

” Darren and Chris came to New Jersey for our annual Leadership training. The skills our growing leaders learned from them were insightful, transferable and exactly what they needed to succeed in the next chapter of their careers.

” In this tough economy, our publishing company was struggling, and as a result morale was at a low. At the one day Held2Gether workshop, we learned greater skills about teamwork, our team solidified and our productivity level soared.


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